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I recently experienced one of those uplifting periods where I figured many of my semi-creative and pseudo intellectual brain cells went on vacation, or maybe hibernation. Either excuse suffices right at the moment. After sitting in a fog for what seemed like a few eons, I began grasping at any idea, like a Titanic victim frantically clutching for a life-preserver. If water was present in the place I attempt to string words, I would have drowned. During my panic attack, I began to ask a lot of questions, many irrelevant and of little importance outside my cranial cocoon, but I did manage to experience one of those flashes of yeasty light that presents itself just prior to an epiphany.

What are the most asked questions in the world?‘  OK, not all that original, but, hey, I am drowning here. I did the typical search and was overwhelmed by the large, yet seemingly stupid variety of questions posed by those who populate this planet. I apologize. Some questions carried some merit, but not many.


  1. If a number 2 pencil is the most favorite, why is it still a number 2?
  2. If you are driving at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, what happens?
  3. Why are hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids and not asteroids?

See what I mean? Stupid, non-realistic that distracts from gaining those prizes of wisdom and knowledge. Yes, they are different. Wisdom is the ability to acquire and utilize information to gain power over one’s existence while knowledge is the unorganized array of index cards that one’s brain formulates. Anyway, then there are those universal questions that humans have pondered over for centuries, and have failed to find a valid answer. For the most part….


  1. What is the meaning of life?
  2. Is there a God?
  3. Will I get laid tonight?

Here, there is no specific answer, well, maybe for 1 and 2. #3 is iffy. The best answer I read in my journey to absolute wisdom is as follows:

1. What is the meaning of life?….. This is by far the most perplexing question of any on the list. I have studied many religions and philosophies, some very deeply, and I can tell you that if one common lesson, one essential element of life could be boiled down from them all, it would be: Don’t be an asshole.

No, seriously, that’s it. Just about every world religion says at least that much. I mean, yeah, they say other stuff too, but this is the common ground. This is what they all basically say. I wish I had something fancier to tell you, but if there is a universal truth out there common to all of religion, philosophy and social theory that points to a single successful navigation method to get through life, that’s the one. Don’t be an ass. That’s it. So there you go, and you’re welcome. Shadesbreath

2. Is there a God?….. Yes. Unless I am wrong, in which case, No, there is not. Shadesbreath.

3. Will I get laid tonight?…..This question actually gets asked far more often by people around the world than do the two above. However, because the first two get a great deal more consideration by guys with PhDs (mostly because guys with PhDs already know they aren’t getting laid so they don’t ask anymore), I decided to structure the list the way I have. Anyway, the answer to this universally asked and all-consuming question is: Probably not, unless you are a hot chick, at which point it’s entirely up to you. Shadesbreath.

Alright, I can probably assume that the next most important question here is: What the hell is a Shadesbreathe?….. As I am falling back into a self-induced attempt to limit my words, here is the Answer

So, what is the major point to this entry? Damn, there I go again, another question. Actually, there is none. I am filling the time-space continuum so it will not collapse back onto itself,  adding irrelevant content so as not to disappoint my 3 loyal readers and exercising my fingers as I have been told I need to “get some exercise”, which I can now say, I complied with. The left brain is arguing with the right side and I am not going to engage in their petty debate….So, I guess I will just go out and mow the lawn….

I usually throw in a photo, painting or something that adds some value…..


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Ever wonder why so many of us begin this endeavor to blog and then continue to spend countless hours each week concocting our opinions, experiences and vents into semi-readable paragraphs? For some of us, it is all about practicing a dying skill of writing well. Creating with words what artists create with oils and pastels. It is a place to vent our growing frustrations over life and living and it is a platform to our attempts to entertain, critique, rant and rave and learn and educate. We validate our attempts by who and how many actually read what we have sweated over creating and what we think is important. Some of you earn a couple of dollars from blogging to cover the cost of our addiction to the internet and some of us just do it because we enjoy the challenge.  That is my excuse for not being one of “those” who are earning a couple of dollars…

So what really are the most read blogs out of the hundreds of millions of these cyber writing pads and what are the most popular topics people read, write and follow? This unscientific list was developed only because I would like to write something that people would actually read. I understand that even though the topics are popular, writing a blog entry about such topics is still a continuing work in progress in regards to refining one’s alleged talents. So, what are the most popular to spew onto the net? The following are the top leaders.

1. Where’s the Money? Writing about money, how to earn money from blogging, how to invest, save, steal and swindle money is one of the most popular topics there is out here in cyber dreamland. What with all the greedy bankers, corporations and financiers taking the largest share of disposable income from us workers and a government who hasn’t a damned clue on the definition of fiscal responsibility, many of us need to find a way to supplement our financial existence if we are to survive this sluggish economy.

2. Where’s the love?

Another hot topic, second only to the almighty dollar is that mind-boggling, emotionally filled thing called “LOVE”. This thing that turns male and females into babbling idiots and is the reason we begin thinking and choosing, utilizing those other parts of the body instead of the brain. We all dream of being the knight who saves the princess or being the princess who stares out of her tower searching for her knight in shining armor. So, do you know love? If you have met this mysterious thing, write about how to find that perfect companion (for other people) and how to keep the fires burning if you have this mysterious phenomena.

3. Where’s the success?

We all want to feel successful in our ventures in life, in our relationships (see #2) and in our employment. Problem here is that the definition of success has a personal and variable definition for each of us. Do you think you have achieved success? If you personally know success, write about it and help those who are still searching for this elusive animal and help them to connect and become successful.

4. Where’s the health?

Weight loss, six packs, calories and exercise. We are continuously bombarded by advertisements promising a return to youthful wellness. People spend approximately 34 billion dollars every year to postpone the advance of weight, age and saggy skin. Observing that people spend this amount of money, you can bet this is a popular topic to write about.

5. Where’s the answers?

Personal problems. We all have them and most of us can not wrap our brain around these daily conundrums long enough to discover how to fix them. Financial issues, irritating co-workers, everyday hassles and a 1000 other daily problems that make the day drag is the norm today. And as we progress towards the next century, these daily problems will increase. 20 years ago we needed to deal with an average of 3 changes to our daily routines, but now, research shows we deal with an average of 29 changes. What the hell happened? Life has changed and we are playing catch up. If you are good at giving “good” advice, you can assist others in finding those evasive answers.

6. Where’s the food?

The word “recipes” is search for 1.5 million times every single day and “cooking” is searched for over half a million times. Have a favorite recipe? Or Grandma’s secret recipe for molasses cookies? Share it with the world. Write about your unique cooking style or your mouth-watering gourmet truffle soup. You could even make a few bucks.  I would attempt this but micro-waving a frozen clump of pseudo-food isn’t in high demand.

7. Where’s the creativity?

Photography, camera & art blogs are extremely popular within internet searches. Sharing your photos, crafts and art works with the world. Maybe you could even sell some of your creative masterpieces, make the world a more beautiful place and become the next Andy Warhol. Whatever your gift, share it and the world will thank you.  We all need a little pick me up…

8. Where’s the mutt?

Pets. They are almost human to many people. People love pets and every other house either has an assortment of dogs, cats, reptiles, arachnids and those little things that swim around in circles in a pint jar. Blogs on pets, writing about pets’ well being, pet health, pet psychology, pet food and pet games always make a lot of money from advertisers and from sales of pet products. Why not you?  $45.5 billion are spent on pets each year….amazing. 

9. Where are the geeks?

Technology subjects are extremely popular with people who either know the gadgets or those people like me who need a kindergarten type manual to even understand the inner workings of the most simple of these technological miracles. If you have a gift of knowing such technological jargon and can explain it in three and four letter words, here is your niche and send me the instructions on how to get the most out of a flip go-phone.

I threw this in here for the hell of it…something to do with attempted creativity…maybe…

Don’t ask…..


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It has been a busy weekend. First was a trip to civilization to resupply the cupboards and the to savor a delicious rib-eye with a captain and coke. The rest of the week was spent working on a project truck. After I had removed the running boards, the rest went along fairly smooth. I completed the driver’s side with a final wet sand and having been about 30 years since I had done any intensive body work, it didn’t come out to bad. Next week, I hope to have it ready to shoot a nice gloss black.

Being that I spent minimal time on the computer and failed to write anything witty, I thought I would share some recent photos of a few of family members. They ain’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but they are handsome fellows….




Now, on Ma’s side of the tree….



and then, Uncle Jeremiah…not sure which side of the tree


Your’s truly…me



Deer Hunting Season



The blue book value of your truck goes up and down depending on how much gas it has in it.


Did you hear about the new 3 million dollar Tennessee State Lottery? The winner gets 3 dollars a year for a million years.


Fast food is hitting a possum at 80 mph.


A night trip to the bathroom involves mud boots.


What’s the last thing you usually hear before a redneck dies?
A: Hey y’all… Watch this!


You might be a redneck if… your school fight song was “Dueling Banjos”.





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Sunsets, mountains, solitude, a comfortable old rocking chair and a unique companionship.

The Missouri River

Another hard day of work faced him, but his commitment to this new life drove him on with an intense determination to finish the uncountable tasks he needed to complete before the snows hit.  That morning, a light patchy mist enveloped his ridge, appearing to him like an unknown army of wavering ancient ghosts upon the muffled landscape. Taking sips of his strong, pungent coffee, waiting for his breakfast to finish frying, he noticed a subtle movement on the edge of the haze covered tree line. He watched as a large wolf emerged from the ghostly mist and walked slowly and deliberately towards him. Something inside told him he had nothing to fear, but he reached for his hunting knife anyway, slipping it close just in case his instincts proved to be incorrect. The old wolf continued to approach, stopping several times to survey the old man before coming to within several feet, then sitting back on its haunches, and looked at the frying with sizzling meat. There is definitely something unnatural happening here and the old man sat in wonderment. With slow movements, the old man took a piece of uncooked venison from the cooler and tossed it to the wolf. With movements that reminded the old man of a favorite dog from many years before, the wolf bent down, sniffed the piece of still bloody meat that landed close to his immense paws and picked it up, slowly chewing. He seemed to savor not only the morsel, but the ease of its gain.  He old man chuckled as he realized he was not entirely alone on this mountain side. His fantasy provided a pseudo companionship that was missing from his life. A bond seemed to have developed, and the old man sat in peace.

“You know, you and I. we’re both the same. We live our lives alone, relying on our instincts in nature to keep us alive and never giving up our freedom.” the old man said. “Maybe some day, you will understand what I am telling you.” The wolf stared back and blinked. 

Breakfast finished, the two departed and the old man went back to work. Progress was continuing slowly and the rain tight roof began to take shape. Soon he would be living comfortably in his little one room log cabin. The plans for this new home came from his dreams. Small, warm, and with a front covered porch facing the setting suns.

“Home.” he thought. “And here I will watch my final sunset.”

What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”  Crow Nation

More at ryeder

And at Tanka

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Sunsets, mountains, solitude, a comfortable old rocking chair and a unique companionship.

He remembered vividly the first encounter with this magnificent animal. It had happened many years ago, when he first came to this high mountain meadow and began reconstruction of this old log cabin. With lots of work to do before winter settled in up here in the mountains, and it arrives early, the old man spent most of his daylight hours repairing the cabin and putting up his winter supplies.

He had just sat down to rest from felling a large tree when he heard the sound of snapping dried brush. Startled, he turned to face a large wolf, close enough to see the reflection in its eyes. Fear kept the old man sitting, watching. They stared at each other for several minutes before the wolf turned and slowly disappeared back into the thick forest from where he came. Unnerved, but with a sense of wonderment, the old man sat pondering what the hell that was all about. Something much more different had just happened than anything he had ever encountered before in his long life and he sat in awe.

Realizing he was wasting daylight, he returned to the task of limbing out the felled tree that would, in time, become part of his new home. The work was hard, but the work helped with the constant heaviness in his heart. He truly missed his wife. Their marriage was long and filled with all the positive things that a good marriage is supposed have. He missed the light-hearted conversations, the warmth of her body against his on cold winter nights, and all the little things that made her his wife. She was the kindest, most compassionate woman he had ever met, and her absence was an ever-present abstraction in life. One that brought a warm smile to his face and painful tears to his heart.

As he rested upon the stump, feeling the warm late summer breeze upon his face, his thoughts transported him back to a time many years ago. A time when his world was right. Good times, with many laughs and much closeness.  In time, he learned to accept the fact that she was gone and he treasured the quality of life they shared those last years and all those precious memories he held.

Loneliness adds beauty to life.  It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night  air smell better…Henry Rollins

Photos at Ryeder

Eats at Tanka

How to organize your photographs without going crazy…

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Sunsets, mountains, solitude, a comfortable old rocking chair and a unique companionship.

The old man sat quietly on the steps of his small hand-built log cabin overlooking the vastness of a high mountain meadow. His realization that his days were numbered rested quietly on his mind as he contemplated the many years he had lived a good life. He counted his good friends, good family and the many fine memories he owned and genuinely knew he had prospered where many others had not. High in these remote mountains he had lived since he found himself alone. He now relished the seclusion away from busy and overwhelming noise of civilization. The peace and quietness had helped sooth the loss in his life and rendered a spirituality that created a connection with the natural world. Here he was home at last.


As he sat quietly thinking of those times he had relished his good fortunes, he heard the subtle approach of padded feet come slowly around the cabin and stop close to where he was sitting. The old man slowly raised his head and knew that his only companion sat quietly in front of him. Their eyes met, relaying a trust and understanding of what friendship truly was. The old wolf, eyes showing a trusted reliance existed between them, sat intently watching the old man.

“My friend,” the old man said slowly, “Our time is coming to an end. We both have lived a long life, and we both can leave knowing we did our best.”  The old wolf rose to his feet and came closer to the old man. His eyes showed an understanding of what the old man had said and moved to nuzzle the man’s hands. A knowing smile appeared on the old man’s weathered face and he knew that this unequaled bond was one of genuine friendship, born from solitude.

A distant rumble of thunder that echoed down the valley, reverberating off the granite ledges and rolling into the vast nothingness brought him back to life. The rainstorm was far from him, but here, the sun still shone on his rough face. He stood up stoically and picking up his tools, he placed them in the bed of his antiquated Jeep. Another day completed, the old man returned to his log cabin, prepared and ate a small dinner, then retired to his sleeping bag, content in the fact he had accomplished much of the work he had planned for today. Sleep came very quickly. 

Morning had come to the high country. Mist spread across the low lands and the sun peeked through this fog, turning the chilled air a subtle orange. The air  crisp, clean, and invigorating.  Stirring the coals of last night’s fire, the dropped a few pieces of dried firewood into the old woodstove and prepared his breakfast. Good, strong hot coffee with fried potatoes and a slab of fresh deer meat. The aroma of the coffee had shaken his memory of when, as a child, he had gone with his dad as he cut pulp wood for a little extra income to help feed the family. The coffee his dad made over the fire was strong and pungent. 

“So long ago.” he thought, “Where did time go.”

This is an excerpt from “The Old Wolf”.

Written by me, and lost for a while.

Maybe……someday I will finish it.

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Photographs and Creativity from the High Plains.

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My attempt to maintain a connection with the many excellent blogs I have discovered drifting around the outer edges of cyber space  is usually based on time perception, environmental abnormalcies and the need for instant gratification when it comes to entertainment.  Here is an exceptional blog by Amy Kirk, who with her husband, raise to children on their 4th generation cattle ranch outside of Pringle, South Dakota.  The trial and tribulations of operating a ranch, or for that matter, a farm (which I do have experience, though eons past) is put forth with an outstanding style and sense of humor I find most refreshing.  Drop by and visit ranch life at it’s finest….

Winter feed



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