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Having finished the labor of moving and stacking this winter’s firewood, I began exploring the back country….or 16 acres of it anyway…I wanted to cruise the woodlot and see what I could cut for next years warmth.  Managing the lot is first priority as I hope to need firewood for a few more years.  My primary heat is a wood-stove located in the basement and I also have a wood burning cook-stove to feed.  I put up two and half cord and will see what happens.

Moving to the mountain has afforded the luxury of solitude.  It has also benefited me in that I can now say that the world ends at the nearest road.  My mountain, my exile and my world.  I rarely listen to the news media’s biased reporting and now pay little attention to the growing divided this country is experiencing.  Alt. right, alt left, antifa, ineffectual governments, dirty politicians, violence, racism, hatred and all those other problems do not exist here.

One may wonder if I care and I will tell you that for the most part….No.  I do not care. Not as much anymore.

I will explain why.  I grew up believing in this country.  I do still believe in it’s ideals though many of those have fallen by the wayside.   I served my country during the Vietnam war and my thanks was to be spit on.  No big deal but I remember the atmosphere of dislike for those in the military.  It is something I will always remember.  I served my community as a member of town government for numerous years and I have served society in general as a Substance Abuse Counselor in a prison system until I retired and as a foster-parent to many children.

I decided that it is time to serve me.  To allow me to live out the remaining years doing what I want.  Taking care of me and eliminating the unrelenting bullshit that the world has created for itself.  Selfish? Yes…maybe….Apathetic?…Not so much…

I truly hope the world finds peace and good will but my faith in humanity is about zero.  We have developed mind boggling technologies, medical breakthroughs and hundreds of scientific discoveries but in the areas of enlightenment, spirituality, empathy and emotional intelligence we have yet to leave the cave.  Intolerance of everything we don’t agree with is the norm and I have chosen to look out at this  world and say “Fuck you, I’m outta here”, until people come to their senses…



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