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It’s weird that photographers spend years or even a whole lifetime, trying to capture moments that added together, don’t even amount to a couple of hours.  ~James Lalropui Keivom

Red Valley

The River

Another Ranch

Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

New Market, Va.

Yellowstone River, Wyoming.

Looking east...

Fort Macon, NC & my son Robert.

Primitive Baptist Church and Confederate cemetery.

Bloody Lane, Antietam...

Red Cloud Butte


New Market towards the Blue Ridge.

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Tatanka   munchies

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Off on another road trip.  This time I am driving from SD to Maine and wanted to be home for Christmas Eve.  I did succeed as I completed this journey in less than 48 hours.  Red Bull, cigars and determination got me through and I arrived at my mom’s 30 minutes early.  I did make some observations during this trip, though some were reminders and not discoveries.  The most blatant observations were the difference in attitudes and costs that exists east of the Mississippi and reinforced my decision to stay in the west.

I left SD where diesel was $3.19 per gallon and almost lost it when I paid $3.60 per gallon in Port Jervis, NY.  Here I was reminded that it is a bit less friendly in the east as I contemplated suggesting a script for Prozac for the C-Store cashier.  Then, there are tolls and traffic jams, both of which slowed me down a bit.  These conditions we do not have in SD.  But all in all, the trip to see family and friends is excellent.  Wishing all of you a great holiday season….

Addendum:  Seems like I have arrived in time for Maine’s first major blizzard.  Snow accumulations of a possible 18″ to 24″, high winds and zero visibility….check it out.


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I have a real bad case of itchy feet.  And, No, I do not mean athlete’s feet.  What I mean is the pull of the open road.  The beginning of a new adventure, scraping bugs off the windshield, bedding down in some remote piece of earth, sitting next to a campfire and smelling the coffee.  Climbing into a bedroll and staring at a thousand, billion stars that seem so cloes you can touch them.  Hearing the night wind blow through the leaves and drifting off to sleep with the distant cry of a coyote.  That is what I mean by itchy feet and for me, that itch is getting stronger everyday.
Living on the road is relatively easy if one lives simple, needs little and enjoys what is around the next bend in the road or over the next mountain ridge.  Finding work to earn a few bucks to supplement the savings is also, if one is not fussy on the kind of work one accepts.
It seems that every time I jump on Interstate 90, heading either east or west, I reach my destination and the burning desire to just drive on is intense.  So, why am I not on the road yet?  I have to finish what I start and I gave my word that I would sign on until next spring.  Being that my word is one of the most valuable items I own and I own very little, I need to keep it strong.  In the mean time, I a preparing the truck for the long haul.  I am swapping out the head studs, upgrading the EGR cooler and oil cooler, introducing the 350 to ram air and a 4″ exhaust….yes…it’s a diesel.  I have all winter to complete these swaps so I do have the time, but the open road is definately the incentive.

Sunset over the Missouri River, South Dakota

Stop by…

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