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Winter finally dumped its load and now everything is pristine white. A heavy, wet and sticky blanket of snow.  The beginning of a 6 month period of plowing roads. shoveling roofs, lugging wood and trudging snow.

At times I wonder…

On the flip side, there is such a silence.  During the recent storm, there was very little activity out on the main dirt road.  Besides not being plowed, people stayed home.  Smart people…unlike all the dumb shits I have been reading about lately….

One of the things I did to maintain what is left of my sanity was to stop watching and listening to the national news.  I do keep up with print, but even then the media needs to be used like salt.  A pinch here, a pinch there.  There is very little I take for honest truth when it comes to reporting all the crazy shit going on today.  I hear about right wing conservatives, left wing socialist democrats, elected leadership (and I use that term very loosely) and see how lost and inefficient they have become.  I hear about all the snowflakes who’s need for a “safe place” outweighs growing a pair.  Violence, ignorance and apathy seems to have over flowed and drowned the traits of common sense, moral decency and honor.

Am I cynical?  After watching the spiraling down of social norms for the past 60 years, fucking right I am  Does my cynicism overshadow all the positives in my life?  Not in the least.  It is what it is…

But I digress…back to the white shit.

Now, I have the temporary opportunity to romanticize the images of falling snow, the dead quietness of the mountain and the solitude winter affords.  To sit and watch the flame shadows dance and to enjoy my hot coffee without interference.  I figure by springtime I will have either become one with this mountain or batshit crazy.  Time will tell.

I do know that the plowing, shoveling, lugging and trudging will become damned old, damned fast.  No matter how much spin I give it, winters are long, cold and dark.  Good for vampires.  For me…not so much.

So, here’s to now….






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A massive winter storm threatens 100 million in U.S. with snow, ice and high winds.  At Edele and Mertz Hardware just a few blocks from the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis, customers lined up by 7 a.m. Monday waiting for the store to open. Snow shovels, ice melt and salt were all big sellers.

“`Freaking out’ is a great way of putting it,” employee Steve Edele said. “The icing — that’s what scares people.”

The icing….yup, that’s the part that can suck.  From 1986 to 1996, I plowed roads for a small municipality in rural Maine.  Many of the town roads were 2 lane secondary and several were single lane dirt roads.  And most roads required plowing either up a steep hill or down.  The key word here is “hill.”  Snow removal was not a major problem unless the storm lasted for a couple of days.  As there were only three drivers, we stayed out for the duration of the storm.  But, ice….It had a life all its own.  Being a small municipality, our equipment was limited.  Ford 8000 with plow and wing and a hopper sander with a rear spinner.  A rear spinner meant that to sand ice and to maintain traction on the ice, we sanded in reverse.  In most cases, one would sand in reverse by backing up the hill, but not in all cases.  Some hills required you to back down the incline.  It was on these hills that you stopped, climbed out of the cab and visually checked to see it you had enough sand to actually make it down the hill and back to the top.  This little tidbit of wisdom, I learned the hard way.  It was dark, it was windy and my flashlight failed me, but doing some quick calculations in my head, I felt assured that I had enough sand to put down and reach the bottom of the hill.  Did I ever tell you that math is not my strongest subject?  To make a short story shorter, I did not have enough sand; my rear tires passed over the last of the traction and then hit the ice.  It was a downhill slide from there, in reverse,  in the dark, no control but luckily, the slide was maybe a hundred yards and the snow banks kept me on the road. But it was a ride that would over shadow anything Busch Gardens or Disney could come up with.  Bottom line…don’t mess with the ice monster…

To be safe on icy roads this winter, consider the following tips.

Leave several car lengths between cars, you will need the extra stopping capability.

Decrease speeds.  The faster you go, the less control you have.

When you have to brake, do so gently to eliminate a skid.

Drive carefully on any bridges or overpasses as these will freeze first.

Always have an emergency bug out bag in your winter vehicle..always.

Road warrior


Keep some in your emergency bag…

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Blizzards have swept north along the eastern coast of the US, forcing the cancellation of more than 2,000 flights and disrupting rail and road traffic.
The winter storm closed New York airports, stranding thousands of people in a busy post-Christmas travel period.
The New York area was in the bull’s eye of the storm, receiving up to 46cm (18in) of snow on Sunday.
Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and Virginia declared emergencies.
The southern states of Georgia and South Carolina had their first white Christmas in more than a century.
I’m sorry, but this blizzard hype seems to me to be really overblown.  Many years ago when growing up in Maine, I remember storms that puts this storm to shame and we did not have an emergency situation.  We prepared for the worst, we waited these storms out and when the storms  subsided, we cleaned them up and went outside to play in the snow.  No emergency, just life.

I have been watching the local news while visiting here for the holidays and have been watching news and weather reporters crying out their dire warnings, in voices that strain as if this could be the end of the known world, all the while, bundled up in LL Bean attire, standing outside in the storm for dramatic effect and grimacing against the blowing snow.  Myself, I would be more comfortable listening to someone who has the intelligence to be inside reporting weather conditions, where it is warm and dry.

There are times I wonder if the population been manipulated by government lackys and the media think they cannot survive a freakin’ snow storm?  I am sure that the majority of the population is not sitting around the television, radio or monitor, wringing their hands and lamenting about the ill fate they face due to some snow.  Many of us do realize that our elected idiots and the imaginative media actually believe that we are just too stupid to take care of ourselves and that they are the only ones with enough  mental capacity who can save us from out ineptness.  My hope is that these elected idiots and media reporters someday realize just how unimportant they really are….


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