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With major storm systems racing through the country, we find that people are not prepared and that some of these people died.  Since the storm that dumped the paralyzing snow in New York City, we have heard people tell about being “trapped” in their homes, while some more hardy souls tell of surviving for hours, being stuck in their vehicles.  An NFL game was canceled due to the storm, and air travel shut down for days.  Now, this was only a snow storm.  What would it be like if it was something serious?

The bottom line here is; survival during an emergency.  Problem is, very few people are prepared for any emergency, and when given the opportunity to learn, disregard the lessons as a waste of time.  The mentality of “It always happens to the other guy.” dominates the human’s thought process, but the problem here is that you are the “other guy” from their point of view.  This may be a good thing for those of us who know how to survive emergencies and are prepared for them.  Less people surviving means more resources for those of us who have the strength and wisdom to continue on.

It is thought that 80% of the US population is not prepared for an emergency and if the circumstances were of cataclysmic proportions, most of these 80% would die.  That is 8 people out of 10.   These are pretty bad odds to bet against and not to sound self-righteous, in most emergencies, I will be one of the two who make it.   I will make it because I am prepared and have the basic skills/equipment needed.  I have put together numerous free resources so you can be the other one of the two people who will survive.


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The past several weeks has shown us that winter weather is dangerous.  During these major storms, many people became snow bound, and several people died due to bad decisions and not being prepared.  Making a bad decision is human, but not being prepared for an emergency is unwise and unnecessary.  Having spent time in the Arctic, where my primary function was to drive in all sorts of inclement weather, I can attest to the fact that “being prepared” will save your life.  Making or purchasing an emergency kit for your vehicle is simple, inexpensive, and can save your life.  To make your own emergency kit, you need the basic items and knowledge.

1.  Always check the weather before you leave and tell someone where you are going.

2.  Always keep your gas tank full when driving in cold weather.

3.  Stay in your vehicle and allow for refresh air.

4.  Do not eat snow for hydration.  Eating snow lowers the body temperature.  Let the snow melt first.

5.  Carry a winter survival kit in your car to include:

blankets, flashlight, extra batteries, brightly colored cloth, sand or a bag of cat litter, shovel, candles and matches, non perishable high calorie foods, (nuts, raisins, and candy bars), newspapers (for insulation), a first aid kit and jumper cables, small, sharp knife, large plastic garbage bag, cell phone adapter to plug into lighter, shovel, tow cables or chain, sleeping bag or blankets, road flares and reflectors.

This kit is simple to make and could save you life.

Beautiful but deadly...

For information and resources on emergency preparedness, check out:

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