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If you are one that dreams of living a simpler life and have ever wondered what it would be like to live without having to pay for electricity, water and other services that our modern lives require, then read on. Understanding what it is really like to “Live off the Grid” is NOT as simple as many believe it is. Having some practical experience here, I can tell you that “living simply” is not “living easy.” Bit is it worth the effort? YES it is.


Living off the grid simply means having a self-sustaining domicile that is independent of outside utilities. While survivalists may initially come to mind, for many, the goal of living off the grid is simply to live healthier and leave a smaller carbon footprint. It also means you grow much of your own food, meat and fruits.
People that are trying to live a simpler lifestyle sometimes struggle with where to begin. Here are some steps to self-sufficiency that anyone can do; just make sure you have a well thought out plan so that you do not become overwhelmed.


1. Planting and growing your own food:
Some people who have never gardened before may think that having your own garden is a simple task. It is not. From determining the size you need to grow a year’s supply of food to preparing the ground, to planting, maintaining, harvesting, processing and storing your food supply, there is much work involved. But the benefits are: You grow your own food and rid yourself of store bought produce. You may also want to understand that growing your own food may be as expensive, or more so, than buying from farmer’s markets. There are some crops that take time to produce. Fruit trees, berries, asparagus beds, rhubarb and other crops may take from a couple of years to several years to get your first harvest.



2. Plant soft fruits :
Along with strawberries also plant raspberries, blackberries, blueberries etc.. They do not take up a lot of space and will produce fresh and tasty fruits year after year.

3. Plant a few fruit trees :
with modern day dwarf varieties that are available on the market today you can plant a few fruit trees that with pruning and training will be bountiful in several years without taking up much room at all.

4. Raise a few small backyard animals :
The amount of space required by a small flock of chickens or rabbit hutch is minimal and is a great source for nutrients for you and your backyard farm. There is nothing better than making breakfast or a cake with eggs fresh from the source. Plus they are a great asset with help keeping bugs and insects in check and will gladly take care of any extra vegetables or fruit from the garden for you.


Free PDF manuals to taking back your life.  Raising your own foods.  Next series will cover “Processing what you grow” and “Heirloom Recipes” for scratch cooking.




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