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Women throughout history have cast aside their cumbersome petticoats, crinolines, corsets, and bustles in favor of more practical bifurcated garments. 



Cattle Annie and Little Britches will go down in Oklahoma and Indian Territories history as being two of the most famous female outlaws. These two cattle thieving ladies were dangerous and wildly popular for a couple of years until the eventually got caught.



This Canadian born gal made her way to America at the young age of 17. Pearl Hart dabbled in all kinds of trouble including gambling, alcohol and drugs. After meeting a man named Joe Boot, Hart got into lots of trouble. The pair were robbing stagecoaches until Hart was finally caught and arrested. This wild Western gal is famous for having said, “I shall not consent to be tried under a law in which my sex had no voice in making.”



Belle Star was one of the few female outlaws of the Old West. Later on in 1880, she married Cherokee Sam Starr. Together they would steal horses and bootleg. Belle Star was killed in 1889 at the age of 40.






Butch Cassidy and his crew would often bring in women to help out with their illegal dealings. This young lady is most likely another outlaw who joined to likes of Butch Cassidy and his crew.



At the young age of 31, Two Gun Nan became the first woman to ride coast to coast on her horse, Lady Ellen. She made the journey wearing split skirts and pants – a trend which hadn’t been adopted by most other women at the time.



Born in the 1870’s, Laura Bullion – better known as “Rose of the Wild Bunch” – took after her father in the outlaw trade. Bullion joined up with Butch Cassidy and was romantically involved with several members of the Wild Bunch. Although she got off to a rough start, Bullion eventually gave up her bank-robbing habits and lived out her life as a seamstress in Memphis.

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