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Seeing that I have yet to figure out how to place a slide show (including music) on WordPress and not really feeling that I want to unload $99 for the ability to do so, I am dumping some of the work from the slide show into this post.  Hope you enjoy.  I will continue my quest for something that does not require money to display my hobby.











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Help the youth. LISTEN to them.
This is an epidemic on our reservation.
Like a runaway train…
Thanks to Tom Petty/Northern Cree/Crazy Horse Singers

This video is one of the most heartbreaking creations i have ever watched….no dry eyes here… When our youth gets this hopeless what does the future of this world look like? I remember J.Trudells words from the poem “how does tomorrow dream”..he says “we´re killing our children…” Young ppl need hope and joy…this world we are leaving to them doesn’t appeal…it seems hopeless… the sorrow of those mothers..

I can only pray..peace and love and hope…./wakangli

Rosebud celebration for the Vietnam Veterans…2010

An American Tragedy

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Some time back, I attempted to crank up my little laptop and failed to hit that spark. And the problem still continues. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of photos I shot sitting there collecting dust, figuratively speaking. I am hoping I can locate some one with a better understanding of technology, who has a secret trick that will revive the hard drive long enough for me to bring these photos back to semi-life. But, I did locate a few of these missing photographs and will work them into my ramblings as time permits. Many were taken in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming and the Bear Tooth Mountains and surrounding areas in Montana. I spent some time there last year searching for my personal Nirvana on my remote mountain top. The search has been long and though I have found several possible spots to lay down roots, build my small log cabin and enjoy, yes again, to enjoy my sunsets.  These a several of my personal favorites….


Granite head at Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

For the  modest amount of time I spend in Maine, other than the home where I grew into quasi-adulthood, my free time is spent on the coast.  Crustacean blanketed granite, pockmarked by numerous miniature micro environments of water, filled with snails, crabs and other aquatic alacrity.  The ambiance of salt air, the sounds of crashing surf and low flying seagulls and the vastness of  the deep-sea green of the Atlantic Ocean encompasses and validates life itself.

Wild flowers on the Wyoming Plains.

 To some, the  greatness and sparseness creates a tediousness of spirit, but is this totally off  kilter.  This immensity and the openness can fill the senses if you slow down and observe all the many facets of the High Plains.  From the blowing tumbleweeds to the wind carved red plateaus that break the elevations.  In the distances, the high mountains of the Big Horns, snowed covered deep into summer build the horizon toward the stars.

Ice along the Missouri River, South Dakota.

Weather conditions in South Dakota range from hot, dry 100 + degree weather that can take your breath away and make it beg for a huge cottonwood’s shade to arctic winds that drop temperatures to minus 30 and can freeze crows as the fly.  I shot this, hoping that the winter sun’s rays reflecting off a clump of grass overlooking the Big Mo.  The Missouri River has much history to tell.  From Lewis and Clark’s epic voyage of discovery to the traumatic relocation of the Dakota Indians when Minnesota interned and relocated all Native Americans from within their borders.

Photographs and Creativity from the High Plains.

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The recent ABC documentary, “Children of the Plains” offered little into the reality of reservation life here in South Dakota. As with all segments of society, each deals with their own distinct set of problems, yet all segments own many positive qualities, which this documentary failed to highlight.   As with all of today’s media, what is shown is created for ratings, irregardless of how flawed or edited the information is and has been described as “poverty porn” by some.

This rebuttal to the one sided slant of the ABC documentary “Children of the Plains” counters the atypical stereotyping that exists with the general population.

About 50 Todd County High School came up with the idea of presenting a single word that described a character trait that would showcase what they do have on the reservation. The students shot, directed and edited the video, said Johnny Whirlwind Soldier, a 17-year-old senior.

Feather Colombe explains “I think we wanted to make this video and needed to, because what the other people _ the outsiders _ they don’t know is that us Natives, we choose to live a certain way and we never wanted all this poverty. We just live our lives happily … We see ourselves rich,”

ABC has not responded to an email seeking comment about the students’ video.


More Than That

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It is very seldom I plug a product in my blog, but, damn, I need to eat once in a while…and besides…It’s a great product from a great company.

Native American Natural Foods

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

“Tanka” is used in reference to delivering your best with all your heart, mind, body and spirit. It is the choices that you make and the actions that you take to be who you are. Whether you’re Native, white, black, yellow or brown, it is your ability to overcome, to extend a helping hand for those in need, to defeat racism, to protect our Mother Earth, and to love all others on our planet.

It is your ability to acknowledge “Mitakuye Oyasin” — we are all related.

Season’s Greetings

and Thank you


Tanka Wicasa Gift Basket


Tanka Kimimila Gift Basket


Tanka Wacalapi Gift Basket

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The ongoing saga of James Ray, the pseudo spiritual leader whose antics in Arizona has cost him and others dearly is the consequence of a sham artist with bourgeois ideals. He is now on trial for manslaughter from the deaths of three people who paid good money to an imposter in hopes of “finding themselves”..

I realize that people will continued to search for the answers to life and their spiritual being in more ways than one, but the concept of this particular scam is disgusting. The sweat lodge (inipi) ceremony was conceived by Native Americans as a cleansing and honoring purification and the white man’s attempt to profit from this ceremonial practice is a slap in the face to true Native Americans and only promotes the dilution of genuine traditions. For reasons left unstated, people want to take the easy way out with their search for spiritual/emotional health, whether with drugs, meditation, witchcraft, religion, or make-believe, but, any practice that encompasses genuine ceremonies of a specific culture are to be implemented by those of that specific culture.

Former governor of Maine, Angus King who was not a Maine native, was once told by a gentleman when King commented that now that he was governor, he was a Maine native, “Just because the cat had a litter of kittens in the oven doesn’t make them biscuits”. The same hold true here.

One of the thoughts I have (and I do have one now and then) is that many people who attempt these objectives have no culture of their own. We are a country based on a blending of cultures and tradition with nothing finite to grasp on to. This lack of culture and traditions can leave an empty hole in one’s psyche and the need to fill this vacancy results in lackluster results with less than intelligent efforts. Unfortunately, the erosion of cultures and traditions will continue as the human population interacts, marries and blends with a shrinking world and a bloated population.  If you are fortunate to own a culture/tradition, hold them tight as once they have vanished, they will never return.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

I point my peace pipe toward all these directions. Now we are one with the universe, with all the living things, a link in the circle which has no end. It means we were here long before the first white man came, we are here now, we will still be here at the end of time – Indian time. We will live!……Lame Deer

The Wisdom of the Native Americans


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Thermals on the Yellowstone


High Plains


Upper Kennebec River, Maine

Cowboy up

Atlantic breaker

After a hard winter


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