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Loneliness is an interesting feeling.  Longing desperately for someone or something to connect with is one of the most yearning feelings a human will ever experience.  Maybe you’ve yet to experience utter loneliness, maybe you’re an expert at being by yourself, either way, the truth is that all of us will, at some point, find ourselves with only our own company for some amount of time; and that is okay.

The next time you sense that loneliness is starting to creep up on you, try to remember this advice, so that it might help you sort through tough emotions:

Feeling lonely reflects your relationship with yourself – Learning to enjoy your own company is one of the best skills that a person can develop.  The lonely parts of life will come and go at different times for everyone.  To make sure you are ready for when your time comes, be sure to build that relationship with yourself.  Spend that time nourishing and fortifying that connection with the inner you.  Distractions like alcohol, food, or shopping can get in the way, focus on improving your connection with yourself and the world around you.

There are always people out there with common interests – I wish I had realized this much sooner, but there are indeed a multitude of different people out in the world, and some of them share the exact same interests as you.  Connecting with these like-minded people is one of the quickest ways to rid yourself of feeling lonely.  What are you into? Running? Cooking? Video games? Never be afraid of putting yourself out there or having to subject yourself to new experiences.

Learn to ebb and flow with life – Life is the wildest roller coaster ride you will ever find yourself on; an endless cycle of ups, downs, twists, turns, and moments that make you want to scream.  Trying to successfully navigate this landscape can be difficult, so instead of focusing so much on preventing things from happening to you, let the universe carry you where it will.  Allow your actions to proceed your thoughts.  The best things happen to us when we’re just living, not analyzing our every next step.

Loneliness is an opportunity for change – When we find ourselves stuck in these ruts and feel like we can’t get out, an opportunity for change presents itself.  The fact is, you’re entirely free to do whatever you would like with your life; if something sucks, then you have the power to change it.  If human interaction is something you’re craving, make a small effort to work on this.  Put yourself in situations that will provide you with the chance to make connections.

Everything is always okay – I know that when the voice in your head says something it can mean a lot less when compared to when someone else says it, but reassuring yourself on bad days is fine.  Feeling emotions should never be cause for anger or embarrassment; embracing your emotions and allowing yourself to feel is good for the mind and body.  Cry if you need to, shout if you need to, but know that you will always be there for you.  Love yourself, and be able to console yourself on bad days, you’re only human.


By Seth M on February 4, 2016

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I was recently described by a co-worker as “anti-social.” I smiled, knowing that the definition was not too far off track, but I have always disliked the prefix; “anti”. It seems so…anti-being.

Also recently I had the fortune of meeting a gentleman that has lived much of his senior life in a remote area of the Black Hills, here in South Dakota. He had lived a nongregarious lifestyle for many years and in many locations. He concluded that the locations in Alaska and Montana had been very remote and challenging and that he had thoroughly enjoyed these places, but as he aged, he said his needs had changed to where it was now required of him to be able to make it into town without hiking many miles to civilization.
As one who’s only contact with people is a rare trip into town for supplies, he described his choice of living in solitude as; “A time of self-discovery and learning our true destiny”.

I asked him if he ever felt loneliness. Looking out over the large golden valley that defined and enhanced the remoteness of the area, he replied that solitude is a prerequisite of understanding one’s self. He explained that there are occasions where he did feel an emptiness, but only when he remembered back to those he had lost along his journey of life. He described family members and friends as gifts that he will always carry with him and that he missed the closeness of these times.

Solitude and Loneliness. Though both conditions are self-induced mind frames, they are completely different with the exception of a commonality of being physically alone. While solitude is chosen, loneliness is/can be imposed by others as well as self-imposed. The capacity to experience true solitude comes from an inner spiritual understanding.

Solitude can be beneficial in several of today’s environments where life is full of stress. The craziness of the world, the violence, greed and self-narcissistic mentality of society can become overwhelming at times. The intrusive mentality of government and big business can also be overpowering. By encompassing solitude we can defeat a number of our problems by discovering which ones are truly important and which ones are situations we cannot change.

“But isn’t isolating just a want of disconnecting from life?” No. Solitude is not isolation but a state of being aware of our actual requirements and objectives in life, which are normally not visible to us by the complex and intrusive demands that work and society try to command from us. Solitude is a state of being in the present, a state of relaxation and a motivation of life itself. Solitude assists us in unblocking the barriers in finding joy in relationships, enhances our imagination and creativity, and can lead to a greater inner peace of mind and spirit.

Solitude is an extraordinary steward of the human spirit and shows us that living each moment as a new moment, creates within us a greater sensitivity to one’s thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. That is the real message of solitude, and it is through this fundamental self-awareness, that we find our true selves.






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Finally finished (I hope) my first attempt at writing something utilizing a tiny bit of thought and imagination.

It is free.. a story of companionship.

Here is an excerpt from the story.  It is a piece in work and it is called “The Old Wolf”…  You can find it here.

The old man sat quietly on the steps of his small dilapidated log cabin overlooking the vastness of a high mountain meadow. His realization that his days were numbered rested quietly on his mind as he contemplated the many years he had lived a good life. He counted his good friends, good family and good memories and genuinely knew he had prospered where many others had not. High in the remote mountains, he had lived since his wife passed. He relished the seclusion away from the busy and overwhelming noise of civilization. The peace and quietness had helped sooth the loss in his life and rendered a spirituality that created a connection with the natural world. Here he was home.
As he sat quietly thinking, he heard the sound of padded feet come slowly around the cabin and stop close to where he was sitting. The old man slowly raised his head and knew that his only companion sat quietly in front of him. Their eyes met, relaying a trust and understanding of what friendship truly was. The old gray wolf, eyes showing that trust existed between them sat watching the old man.
“My friend,” the old man said slowly, “Our time is coming to an end. We have lived a long life, and we can leave knowing we did our best. Soon I will be gone and you need to understand my absence.”
The old wolf slowly rose to his feet and came closer to the old man. His eyes showed an understanding of what the old man had said and moved to nuzzle the man’s hands. A smile appeared on the old man’s weathered face. He remembered the first encounter with this animal. It was many years ago, when he first came to this high mountain meadow and began construction of his new and final log home. He had sat down to rest from felling a tree when he heard the sound of snapping dried brush. Startled, he turned to face a large wolf, close enough to see the reflection in it’s eyes. Fear kept the old man sitting, watching. They stared at each other for several minutes before the wolf turned and slowly ambled back into the forest from where he came. Unnerved, but with a sense of wonderment, the old man sat pondering what the hell that was all about. Something more different than anything he had ever encountered had happened….



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