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As winter is now officially here, a bit God damned early in my most humble opinion, the chores and repairs that kept me busy all autumn have either been completed or went on hiatus, which leaves me with time to kill.  I shouldn’t complain about sitting on my ass next to the wood-stove, but I am not one to sit for long.  Neither am I very good at “small talk” type conversations, so my interaction with others is somewhat limited.  Not that I mind greatly.  As I read all the asinine shit going on in this country, I am happy to be where I am.

I went back through this blog, reading the crap I wrote years ago.  Some of those posts were so bad I instantly shit canned them and then looked over my shoulder to make sure no one had read any of it.  But what I came away with is that over the years, I have changed.  Not just gray hair, wrinkles and achy joints, but the way I see the world today.

For a subtle description, I morphed from “How are you feeling today?” (when first began facilitating groups) to, “You need to make some choices with your life that aren’t so fucking selfish and take care of your family.” , to “What the fuck is the matter with you?  Grow some fucking balls, get off your lazy ass and be a responsible adult.”   Yes, I know……not very therapeutic.  But I don’t give a fuck.  I got tired of whiny weak ass people who wouldn’t survive any challenge, let alone a natural disaster or emergency.

Today’s antics caused me to think of the history of this country.  Our ancestors kicked butt.  They kicked British ass back to London…twice.  Fought everyone and their brothers for God, country and Manifest Destiny.  Industrialized the world, fought 2 World Wars and saved Europe…twice.  These same people built the country’s infrastructure with blood, sweat and tears, and for many, their lives.

And now look at how society exists.  And it is really sad and disgusting.

Now my only question is: What the fuck happened to this country?


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