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My dad once told me that burning wood to heat your home consisted of 3 phases that warmed you. You became warm when you cut and split the wood, you became warm when you carried the wood into your home and you became warm when you lit the fire and enjoyed the fruits of your labor. He didn’t mention the fourth phase of stacking the wood, which falls somewhere between splitting the firewood and carrying it into the house. The simplest form of “stacking” was to just throw the wood into the wood shed. No precision needed here, just a fairly good aim. Though I always assumed my aim was pretty fair, I had the misfortune of throwing a chunk of wood into the bed of my truck that inadvertently went through the back  window and into the cab. So much for assumptions.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever consider turning “stacking firewood” into an art form. It was hard enough work just throwing the stuff, harder still to roughly stack a couple cord of firewood, but to stand back and precisely place firewood into art would have been a bit over the limits. At least for us. It was not a fun project to do it any form or manner.
I am amazed by the creativity some people have when they stack firewood, but, if I was to undertake this type of project and created a masterpiece, I would probably freeze as I would not want to destroy what took many hours to build.




















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