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Sometimes there are words that have importance to all those who read them.  In a world gone crazy, we all need to find a more positive perspective on our life.  A place where we can comprehend those things that are truly important.  I hope you find a strength of spirit and life in these remarkable words.

Wakan Tanka, Great Mystery,
teach me how to trust
my heart,
my mind,
my intuition,
my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit.

Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear,
and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.


From the Lakota Perspective, the Sacred Space
is the space between exhalation and inhalation
(contentment). To Walk in Balance is to have Sky
(spirituality) and Earth (physicality) in harmony.

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Live each day with courage

Take pride in your work

Always finish what you start

Do what has to be done

Be tough, but fair

When you make a promise, keep it

Ride for the brand

Talk less and say more

Remember that some things aren’t for sale

Know where to draw the line.


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Sometimes, the roads of life meanders from one erratic episode to another without any apparent direction, taking us into unknown territories and sometimes leading us to places we thought we would never reach and to some destinations we never thought existed. And sometimes, our best laid plans are beset with unexpected roadblocks or unexpected benefits. We can sit and wonder how we ever had the good fortune to reach some of these places and as well, wonder how we even survived others. There are those who will explain that God has directed us to where we are, yet others will argue that Karma is the answer. God, Karma, fate or destiny. All try to explain our journey and the sequences that have influenced our reality.

I have worked hard to keep my life simple and in doing so, have learned to accept many things. I accept total responsibility for those choices I have made, irregardless of their outcome and either consent to the consequences or elate in the affirmation of those gifts no amount of money can purchase. Of these, I own many of both types and both are valuable beyond measure.

Life as a disciplinarian can be harsh but if one listens and learns, it can also be an extraordinary benefactor, giving wisdom to those who seek knowledge, understanding and humbleness. Of these lessons and gifts, once learned and accepted, are carried with us until our passing. It is not the money we earn nor is it our status in life that sustains our existence from beyond. It is those gifts we have been given that we have shared with others that will sustain our spirit. Our success, power, reputation and our possessions will be forgotten or passed on to others with little understanding of what these item meant to us. It will only be our words and deeds that has effected a positive difference in the lives of others that will be our only legacy. That we will be remembered by those whom we have connected.

When I am gone, it is not important of who I was nor the color of my skin. It will not be to whom I prayed to, for how many toys I owned or what my political preferences were. It will be my words to others and it will be my deeds that have touch others in ways that assisted them in learning how to share their gifts with those who enter their lives. 

This is where I am calling home now. Semi-remote and very quiet.

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I have lived in the Black Hills off and on since 2001, leaving to pursue my ambitions but always returning to replenish my spirit. In that time frame, I have observed herds of bison, herds of elk, white tail, mule deer, mountain goats and big horn sheep, but never once observed the reclusive mountain lion. My friends tell stories of seeing them outside the front door of their homes or barns. They have seen them while they were hiking, hunting or fishing. City people in Rapid City have seen them meandering through the parks and the surrounding outskirts of the city, but for myself….I had never run across one…until recently. It wasn’t in the comfort and safety of my old Dodge, nor was it looking out the window of the front door to my house. My first meeting was an impromptu encounter while hiking. As I ambled down and around a large ledge outcropping, Felix’s cousin had decided that it would ambled up and around the same large ledge cropping. We met half way. I stopped, it stopped and we just stared at each other, trying to size each other up and making our plans of flight or fight. After what seemed like an eternity, we both, thankfully, decided on the flight mode. I scrambled back up and around and it scrambled back down and around. As I reached the top of the ledge, I stood and watched the graceful, yet powerful strides this cat made as it disappeared over the tree line. I really did not know what to think, other than I finally met my first cat, it was a good meeting and we both left just a little shaken but not hurt. For this I was especially grateful for.


There is an estimated, according to some people, 300 mountain lions in these hills. They say if you hike 1 mile, you have been watched by a cat. If you have walked 5 miles, one has followed you. Yet, with the large number of summer tourists and the number of cats, there has not been a reported attack on a human. The problem though, is the growing population of mountain lions. Over population breeds disease, migration into towns and cities, a reduction on young wildlife and livestock, such as the deer, elk, cattle, sheep and horses for food and the increasing possibility of a human attack. The over lords of South Dakota has increased the hunting tags for these cats from around 33 to 100 given out this year. Simply, 100 mountain lions or 70 female cats can be taken. Personally, I have mixed feeling about this. Majestic animals but over population will take its toll on both cat and prey. Case in point, the over population of the human species and the effects this is having on our planet. The only difference, we humans are manipulating the natural “thinning of the herd” and the consequences will become much more of a problem than it is a present.


Anyway, for more information on these majestic animals, go to:  HERE






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It has been awhile since I have had access to the internet.  Living in the back country of the Black Hills (South Dakota) is a give and take situation.   What I have given up is the insipid mentality of television, the instant access to cell phone service and the sitting on my ass for 2 / 3 hours a day, clicking the mouse and going nowhere.  Now I have to travel to use these conveniences, but, what I received in return is a world where you can here the wind blow through the Pines without the background of traffic.  I can sit in the darkness, void of light pollution and observe the universe.  Hundreds of thousands dancing points of light and the fiery trails of falling stars.  Peaceful, serene and spiritual.  Though I do enjoy the challenges of my new position, I know I can return each night to a place that many only dream about, and for that, I am very grateful…



I shall be a benefactor, if I conquer some realms from the night, if I report to the gazettes anything transpiring about us at that season worthy of their attention, — if I can show men that there is some beauty awake while they are asleep, — if I add to the domains of poetry.

Night is certainly more novel and less profane than day.

What if one moon has come and gone with its world of poetry, its weird teachings, its oracular suggestions, — so divine a creature freighted with hints for me, and I have not used her?

But the moon is not to be judged alone by the quantity of light she sends to us, but also by her influence on the earth and its inhabitants.

Many men walk by day; few walk by night. It is a very different season.

In the night the eyes are partly closed, or retire into the head. Other senses take the lead. The walker is guided as well by the sense of smell.

The stars are the jewels of the night, and perchance surpass anything which day has to show.

It does not concern men who are asleep in their beds, but it is very important to the traveler, whether the moon shines brightly or is obscured.

How insupportable would be the days, if the night, with its dews and darkness, did not come to restore the drooping world!

Consider the moonlight, so civil, yet so savage!

Of what significance the light of day, if it is not the reflection of an inward dawn? — to what purpose is the veil of night withdrawn, if the morning reveals nothing to the soul? It is merely garish and glaring.

Nevertheless, even by night the sky is blue, and not black; for we see through the shadow of the earth into the distant atmosphere of day, where the sunbeams are reveling.

Henry David Thoreau

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