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Well, it has happened again. The stars aligned themselves and all the pieces fell effortlessly into place. These opportunities materialized so quickly and unproblematically that I am still waiting for the hammer to drop out of the sky. You see, I am returning to the Black Hills. This area has always called to me and it is time to return….again….for the 3rd time. 2 great things happened. The first, I was offered a position that I had applied for and I was also given the opportunity to become care taker of a small ranch in the southern hills.

Now, being the care taker only involves, at present, making repairs and clean up. Only next year will the crops go in and the real work begins. I have missed eating fresh vegetables and fruits. It has been much too long and I am very much looking forward to homesteading again. For my sins, I also inherited a female companion to keep me company. She is an Australian Shepard that will need some coaching on what the words “come” and “sit” mean.

Some of the additional benefits, other than being in the back country where the local livestock consist cattle, horses, deer and elk, is the fact that there is no cell phone service, no internet service and no cable TV service. The closest store is 12 miles north or 16 miles southeast. I can not see my neighbors and I doubt I will even hear them.

I sat there the other afternoon, dog at my feet, and listened. No sounds of traffic. Only the sounds of the wind through the pines, the screech of a hawk and the grass dancing in the warm breeze. Sunset came and went with a fiery whisper and the night closed in, bringing with it the coolness of the high altitude. So, being remote, my access to posting will be limited, but I think many of my ramblings will involve the happenings here at my new home…. Tranquility at its grandest…. 

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