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It may sound redundant, but those who have visited, I speak very highly of sunsets and mountain tops.  Both paint a picture for me of tranquility, solitude and peacefulness. As I discover those with similar passions, I am passing along several individuals who have posted their inspirations…

Sunsets and Sunrises.

Maui Sunsets.


New Zealand sunsets.

Photography Blogger.

For something a little different…find an ending.

If I had a horse,

I’d ride off into the sunset, where dreams and shadows lie.

Across the umbrageous dusky plains, to reach the fiery sky.

And climb the brightly colored clouds, ablaze with brilliant fire.

And only rest, when darkness comes,______________________. 

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Somewhere in Wyoming

Out my back door, South Dakota

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Some time back, I attempted to crank up my little laptop and failed to hit that spark. And the problem still continues. Unfortunately, I have hundreds of photos I shot sitting there collecting dust, figuratively speaking. I am hoping I can locate some one with a better understanding of technology, who has a secret trick that will revive the hard drive long enough for me to bring these photos back to semi-life. But, I did locate a few of these missing photographs and will work them into my ramblings as time permits. Many were taken in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming and the Bear Tooth Mountains and surrounding areas in Montana. I spent some time there last year searching for my personal Nirvana on my remote mountain top. The search has been long and though I have found several possible spots to lay down roots, build my small log cabin and enjoy, yes again, to enjoy my sunsets.  These a several of my personal favorites….


Granite head at Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

For the  modest amount of time I spend in Maine, other than the home where I grew into quasi-adulthood, my free time is spent on the coast.  Crustacean blanketed granite, pockmarked by numerous miniature micro environments of water, filled with snails, crabs and other aquatic alacrity.  The ambiance of salt air, the sounds of crashing surf and low flying seagulls and the vastness of  the deep-sea green of the Atlantic Ocean encompasses and validates life itself.

Wild flowers on the Wyoming Plains.

 To some, the  greatness and sparseness creates a tediousness of spirit, but is this totally off  kilter.  This immensity and the openness can fill the senses if you slow down and observe all the many facets of the High Plains.  From the blowing tumbleweeds to the wind carved red plateaus that break the elevations.  In the distances, the high mountains of the Big Horns, snowed covered deep into summer build the horizon toward the stars.

Ice along the Missouri River, South Dakota.

Weather conditions in South Dakota range from hot, dry 100 + degree weather that can take your breath away and make it beg for a huge cottonwood’s shade to arctic winds that drop temperatures to minus 30 and can freeze crows as the fly.  I shot this, hoping that the winter sun’s rays reflecting off a clump of grass overlooking the Big Mo.  The Missouri River has much history to tell.  From Lewis and Clark’s epic voyage of discovery to the traumatic relocation of the Dakota Indians when Minnesota interned and relocated all Native Americans from within their borders.

Photographs and Creativity from the High Plains.

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It is time for a vacation. After a long, semi-warm South Dakota winter, I am on the early fringe of losing focus from normal life. So, I am beginning to plan for a brief sojourn from reality. Though there are many destination I would like to explore, time and money are the obstacles of a trip to the white sands of Tahiti or to the Great Wall of China, leaves me to decide on locations within the continental United States. 

First on my list is returning to Maine to visit with family and friends. Visiting there has many great benefits. A reconnection with those I love and a return to the Maine coast where the sea breeze fills the air with the fragrance of ocean salt where I can indulge in those foods that are extremely rare in the high plains. Lobster stew, lobster and butter, fried clams, B&M Baked Beans and my mother’s famous raspberry bars. I think I have gained a couple of pounds just thinking about these delicacies. There in Maine, I would be able to reconnect with the back woods which covers 90% of the state and where the Atlantic Ocean’s white foamed surf drums onto the smooth gray granite. Pine trees, Sugar Maples and the availability to pick fresh vegetables from a well tended gardens.

Maine: The Seasons



I can, with anticipation, dream of sitting around an aromatic and crackling wood fire, cold drink in hand and listening to all the stories of events I have missed this past year. To some of these stories, laughter will mix with the words, while others will bring back memories of those who leaves an empty seat around the fire. I will observe how those babes I sat and held last year will be walking, those who were walking will have grown taller and my friends will have more gray and less hair.

My other choices, which in reality, would only be chosen if going to Maine could not be successfully accomplished, would be returning to the mountains of Montana, the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley of Virginia or the quiet peacefulness of Nova Scotia, which, by the way, is a short road trip from Maine.

Our lives are filled with the routine necessities of daily life. With our jobs, those daily mundane chores we need to do to feel responsible, shopping, ect., it’s a miracle that we have time plan any activity that is listed under daily survival, especially a vacation. But vacations can be a triple pleasure. When we sit and plan our upcoming adventure, the week before the trip that increases the anticipation for places unknown, or known, and the day we begin our holiday. It really does not matter if it is a short trip or one that is long. No matter the distance or the destination, we are shrouded in a feeling of escape from these routines of life. The excitement of the hunt, so to say.

There has been some recent studies that suggest that vacations and de-stressing go hand in hand. The studies concur that when we are in the throes of escapism, we are happier and this endorphin high increases the longevity of our life so we may take even more vacations. And then there will always be the memories.  Pristine beaches, high mountain meadows, good food, family and friends, taking that wrong turn and getting lost.  But what the hell, it is all part of the adventure.

Granted, with today’s economy in the gutter due to corporate greed and incompetent government bungling, how can you save enough to actually get away? Save for it..work a second job, sell those items you never use, sell the kids to Egypt, but do it. Take just a couple of days to get away from the self-imposed rat race and enjoy the freedom of the wind in your face. You will not be disappointed…  

And take some great eats with you….Tanka Bars

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