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Today’s society is not perfect with many facets of it needing improvement if not a complete make over.  Unfortunately, finding solutions to these ills holds little interest to most people who have been conditioned to accept information without question.

Al Margen has  created  drawings showing these defects of our weaknesses. He states “They are children of boredom, nonconformity or anger. <…> They are the representation of discarded ideas. They are the garbage of the subconscious. But they are more visceral and sincere than other drawings because they have no obligation to please. <…> Because they were born only by an impulse and nothing more. Because they were born to annoy because they show the imperfect.”





















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Many years ago, I pulled a stint as an OTR (over the road/long distance)  truck driver.  I was given an older Kenworth cab-over which I used to haul paper from New England to the Midwest.  At that time in my life, the virtues of tolerance and patience still needed refinement.  During my “last” turn to the state of Michigan, I attempted to make a left hand turn.  As I was negotiating the turn with a 51 foot trailer, another driver attempted to negotiate this turn also.  As my radius was much greater than his, my trailer made him realize that if he did not move his vehicle to the left a tiny bit more, the trailer would have damaged his vehicle.  He made his way around me, moved his car into my lane and stopped.  He removed himself from his car, trotted back to the truck and commenced to berate me for his lack of judgment.  After listening to his verbal revilement, I dropped the Kenworth into low gear and embarked on a mission to push his vehicle down the road.  I succeeded and he accepted.
Over the years, these virtues have matured and in most cases, I can turn the other cheek.  In accepting and utilizing these traits, life has become much more simple and enjoyable.  As I said, in most cases.  Those instances where it is extremely difficult for me to walk away are those that deal with ignorance.  Whether government irresponsibility, social intolerance, violence against the innocent or apathy towards others.  These conditions remain my nemesis.

Age assists the choosing between what is truly important and what is insignificant.

I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.      Kahlil Gibran

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Just for the hell of it, I have been doing little research on website ranking.  In effect, what a website’s numerical ranking is compared to what Americans feel is important in their lives.  Here is what I am finding….

Websites committed to defending democracy and bringing the ideals of community, opportunity, diversity, equality and fairness together to form a strong, united voice and to oversee Government incompetency, fiscal irresponsibility, and political accountability all have ranking numbers in the millions…(means few hits)

The most popular websites, dealing with how to spend your money, who is going to jail, pornography, who killed who, who screwed who, and living vicariously through other so we do not have to face our own lack of self esteem all have very low numerical rankings…(means many hits)

I guess many people in this country care more for living in a fantasy world than they do facing reality.

When  the people fear their government there is  tyranny; when  the
government fears the people, there is  liberty.”
Thomas  Jefferson

Seems like they have “Nothing” to fear from us Americans….


Over the past decade, we’ve endured repeated abuses of power by the Executive Branch of our government. Time after time, we’ve watched Congress fail to stand up for what’s right. We’ve seen the very symbols of our democracy tarnished, as our nation’s reputation suffers at home and abroad because of these abuses.

Think about it…..


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